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Pre-School period is a time for playing, learning and growing….

As they move into their respective tomorrows so bright…..with goals to be achieved and more dreams still to aspire….we say to them… “Work hard and play straight"

We at THE 3 BEES provide an atmosphere full of love, care and comfort and prepare the children to achieve age appropriate developmental tasks required at various stages of their life.

Every child is special and unique, and here we give them their own pace to learn. We provide an enriched curriculum designed for the holistic development of every child.

THE 3 BEES have established a “Tradition of Excellence” in academics, co-curricular activities and holistic development.

I am proud of the wide range of educational opportunities that our school offers in literacy, numeracy, science, interactive classrooms, art and craft, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, yoga, physical education, sports, field trips and camps.  We cater to the needs of all our students and ensure that the curriculum we deliver develops the whole child and makes them Leaders of Tomorrow.

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